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Unconventional Holiday Gift Guide For Vintage Lovers

If you are like me, I love giving gifts during the holidays. This is a conventional holiday gift guide for the vintage lovers in your life or even yourself! I say unconventional, because honestly this guide isn't featuring the first things you think of when you think of vintage. These are not the most glamourous or necessarily beautiful items to gift. But the products mentioned in this guide supports the glamourous and beautiful vintage things in their or your closet in some way!


1) Moth Repellent Products

If you buy vintage items from the 60s or earlier, one of the common flaws the item could have are moth holes. Moths like to eat animal fibers with keratin such as cashmere, wool, silk etc. If you are a vintage lover, you know animal and natural fibers are higher end pieces. Gifting moth repellent products could help you or the vintage lover in your life preserve their quality of their vintage items. They are so many eco-friendly products in the market that ranges from lavender to cedar. The image shows a homemade product from the Etsy seller SublimeBirdy. You can purchase a gift set for only 14.39.

2) Color Catching Sheets

Color catching sheets is something I personally hate to purchase, because it's an added purchase my laundry routine but it is so important to prevent color bleeding in your one of a kind vintage items. This gives me a peace of mind when I am hand washing items and I have even used up to 20 sheets for one item in the past. I have used the brands Shout and Carbona, and both were very effective. If you are really savvy you can make your own if you search online. I have even used this to revert color bleeding in some items. A definite must for a vintage lover, because color bleeding can be so unpredictable. I have sadly ruined many items in the past because I didn't have color catching sheet on hand.

3) Measuring Tape & Seam Ripper

A measuring tape and seam ripper are two tools from my sewing kit I use the most. They are also sold conveniently in one pack as picture, and best of all it's under 5 dollars. Since vintage sizing is so different from modern sizing, a measuring tape allows the vintage lover to to do multiple things: measure themselves, the items in their closet to compare desired fit or look, and measure things when they go thrifting on their own.

A seam ripper is also very handy. I use it to replace old resistance bands from vintage items. I also use it to release closed pockets in jackets, but make sure you see a sewn in pouch before you seam rip something open, it could be a faux pocket.

4) Foot Inserts

I love vintage footwear, the look and quality is sometimes far superior than modern footwear. Unless you are buying deadstock or new vintage, vintage footwear will be used and unfortunately that can be bad for your feet. But foot inserts can prevent foot pain and allow your feet to be molded to the vintage shoes like brand new shoes. Whenever I buy vintage shoes, with the sole exception of sandals, I make sure to purchase foot inserts.

A lot of vintage footwear, especially in the 60s and 70s, will have their inner inserts missing or partially missing. So this is a great way to ensure comfort for older shoes. This is also great, if you or your vintage lover is concerned about sanitization and hygiene, but love the look of vintage footwear.

5) Leather Conditioner

I love vintage leather. It lasts a long time, it prevents further animal abuse, and it decomposes so it's great for the environment. But vintage leather does need some extra care to keep it looking and feeling great. Leather conditioner revitalizes and can sometimes restore vintage leather items to an almost brand new condition if it is quality leather such as full-grain leather.

Two of my most essential leather products are Chamberlain's Leather Milk Formula No. 5 and Doc Martin Wonder Balsam. The former has a great smell and does a great job at rejuvenating old quality leather like vintage Coach bags. I also like that this brand gives you a round sponge to use the product, and it is not cheap sponge either. The latter, I use for leather trimming, scuffed leather, or damaged leather goods that needs extra TLC. I also use the round sponge from this product as well. A little goes a long way for either of these products.

6. Vintage Buttons

Last, but not least, vintage buttons. If you follow my shop's Instagram, you know how much I love vintage buttons. They are one of a kind and can completely add to the look of your item. Out of everything in this list, this is the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at. If you or the vintage lover in your life knows how to stitch, this is a great way at changing a vintage or even modern item in your closet. Vintage buttons are also handy if a garment piece is missing one or all of it's buttons. I no longer let go of an item if it's missing buttons, because of my small collection of vintage buttons.

Plus, using vintage buttons keeps the integrity of the vintage item. I find vintage buttons at thrift stores, usually located in the jewelry section, or eBay where you can even be as specific as color. I think it would be cute if you select vintage buttons based on their favorite color.


I hope this unconventional gift guide for vintage lovers was helpful, and everything mentioned is under 20 dollars each. So any of these products would be great to add on to a vintage item you may find online or at a thrift store.

- Esmé


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