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My full name is Esmeralda, but one of my nicknames is Esmé. I decided to name my vintage store after my nickname after I discovered it's old French for "beloved" or "loved," and vintage clothing are both of those things to me. Vintage clothing was "beloved" or "loved" at one point, so I thought it was perfect. I am currently 28 years old, and have been selling vintage for a few years. It's my full time job, but I plan to teach high school English in the near future. I have my bachelor's in English Literature from the University of California Berkeley, my master's in English Composition and English teaching credential from California State University of San Bernardino. Learning something new is one of my favorite pastimes (I'm not just saying this to be cool), which is why I love selling vintage clothing. There is always something new to learn with vintage i.e decade, brand, style, construction etc. Like almost anything, I'm constantly amazed how much I still need to learn.

I started selling vintage clothing on an app called Depop, and later branched out to selling on the shop's Instagram. I hope this website will make it easier for people to shop my items as well as utilized the blog to learn something new whether you are a vintage lover or a vintage reseller.

Selling vintage was never something I envisioned myself doing. I grew up with a horrible self-esteem, which I still struggle with today, but vintage clothing has helped me feel confident and beautiful. So I hope the vintage items I sell will do the same to you.


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