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How We Size

If you love to wear vintage, you quickly realize that vintage sizes are sometimes completely different than modern sizes.


It is why I include two sizes  in my description: the vintage size found on the item and a modern estimation of the size today.


The modern estimation is based on Women's Misses sizes. Please see chart below.


However, vintage, like any piece of clothing, can be worn by anyone so I include "Measurements Flat."


Measurements provides the most accurate size I can offer, and I try to measure as accurately and consistently as possible, but they are still approximations.


I highly recommend investing in a measuring tape so you can compare  similar fits and items in your closet to the item you would like to purchase.

I try to provide the most essential, or important measurements per item, but if you would like additional measurements please feel free to contact me through the website's chat bubble or through the shop's Instagram



Sizing Chart sourced from Google Images, and originally from the Three Bird Nest website (, but this chart is no longer use on their website.

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